Monday, 11 March 2013

Preparing for a craft fair Sock 2013

Yey! It's that wonderful time of year again! In just under two weeks it will be one of the local events that I take part in and for many reasons I always find it really enjoyable. Because of this I've decided to write a little blog.
Sock Art and Craft Purchase and Commission Fair Loughborough Town Hall 23rd/24th march 2013.
To begin we have a couple of photos, these show my stand from 2011 and 2012. I think it's great to take photos of my stand, that way I can see the changes in both the collection and the display each year.

Sock Stall 2011

Sock Stall 2012
I think It’s fab that the sock team provide the branded table cloths (even if they were a little creased for 2011!) it adds a nice consistent look to the event. Personally I'm always looking for new interesting ways to display my work and recent additions have included a little wicker basket/case that I added string and little wooden pegs to so my appliqué brooches could be displayed in a cute way. Also my plant pot stand that I picked up from the orchard, Oadby for a bargain price! I'm in the process of coming up with display ideas for this year. I'll be doing a follow up blog to show this year’s stand and how I get on.

Appliqué brooches
New items to my collection this year include a corsage the "Minnie corsage" that has been hugely popular since I introduced it. It is a simple yet elegant, lighter weight corsage that's great for cardi's, jackets and bags.
Minnie Corsage

Appliqué Keyrings
Appliqué Design Purses

I've also taken my appliqué designs to create another keyring collection and added them to my zip purses to create my first 2 in 1 gift! The appliqué design is on a brooch back so it can be taken off and worn in any way you wish.
Another one of my favourite things about Sock is meeting and catching up with other artists/makers. The event has a networking evening on the Saturday and the stalls holders can stay for a meal, glass of wine and gossip! A great experience, so many like-minded people chatting about ideas, supporting each other and giving great advice on their own experiences. The variety of work on offer is always fantastic at Sock, I'm always hugely impressed by the standard of work and how professional the event is. All the staff do a great job in making the event a success.
Just a few points on my action plan for the next couple of weeks include, make the stock! Firm up my display plans, create my price tags, create a sheet for newsletter sign up and order extra business cards/postcards… the list goes on and on, but I’ll let you know how it goes.
If anyone has any questions that like to ask me about sock or any other subject. Please don't hesitate to ask. It could even become the subject for a future blog.
I hope you can make it to the fair, if so I look forward to seeing you there! If you mention this or my facebook page I'll give you 10% off any purchase.
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