Based in the midlands, uk having traded since 2010 Alex McQuade is becoming a well established designer and supplier of beautiful handmade gifts.

The success of Alex McQuade Textiles lies in the personal touch given to every single item created. The collection Is designed and made by hand in Alex's Leicestershire studio where she takes inspiration from nature, the outdoors and the quirkiness of everyday life.

Alex uses traditional textile methods and a sewing machine working with beautiful linens, wools, felts and silks. Her old fashioned pleating machine creates endless opportunities for manipulating fabrics, creating textures and is currently used to for the exquisite corsage range. Vintage lace and discarded fabrics also have a key part in the range as giving new life to old items and recycling is an important ethos to Alex. This includes intricately sewing into the collection discarded metal washers that Alex started to collect whilst at university working on a textile project inspired by farms and agricultural machinery! The range is unique and has an instantly recognisable style, handmade by Alex McQuade.

Alex has such a passion for textiles and love for what she makes her key aim is to make this show in every item from design, construction and the materials used.

" I aim whole heartedly to create items that are just as special to the people receiving them as they are to me "

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